Everyone deserves to be pampered once in a while, so treat yourself at the Health Suite Spa in The Savoy Resort where some fantastic health and beauty treatments await you.

Our fully trained specialists endeavour to ensure that our services are individually and meticulously prepared just for you… all within an ambience of aromatic essences and fragrances ensuring you relax, refresh and enjoy a renewed sense of health – a soothing escape from the pressures of every day life.

We have prepared a large variety for you to choose from and we present you here with just an example of what the Health Suite Spa can offer you:

Lymphatic treatments
Body Massage
A very gentle and relaxing therapy that enhances the immune system, reduces fluids and assists in the elimination of toxins. Detoxifies improving both the blood and lymph circulation.

Chi-Yang Body
An extraordinary combination of Asian Medicinal Herbal treatments and essence oils from healing herbs, this treatment releases tensions and brings a renewed energy stream. Unblocks the body’s strategic energy points, revitalising your blood circulatory system all round, leaving you completely relaxed and at peace and harmony with yourself.

Food Related Spa Treatments
Soothing “Hot Chocolate Harmony Massage”
One of the most recent and unusual skin treatments the Savoy Resort Spa has recently launched has been described as “the most delicate temptation”.
The “Hot Chocolate Harmony Massage” is a truly soothing and exotic temptation, not only for your skin but for your senses too!

Special Klapp Spa Products for Men and couples
Men have recently started to treat themselves to lavish and relaxing Spa treatments like thermal and balmy mud body massages to help soothe away those stresses and strains of modern day living.

Hot Stones
Warm lava stones are placed on energy points in your body. The warmth of the stones, its specific position and the gentle massage applied will help you release tension and balance tissue functions.
This treatment also stimulates the blood and lymphatic system’s circulation.

Ceremony of Gold
Gold has always been the most desired of all noble metals. Over 6000 years ago, the Chinese already studied the positive effects of this metal applied to healing the body and soul.
Today, at the Savoy Spa we offer you a luxurious treatment gold-based that will renew and revitalize your skin.

* Couples may also enjoy simultaneous Spa therapy in the treatment and massage rooms.